PQWL or Pooled Quota Waiting List is a term used in Indian Railways for tickets booked on certain routes where passengers boarding at intermediate stations have overlapping journeys. This concept can be confusing for many passengers, leading to questions about how it works and the chances of getting a confirmed seat. In this article, we will delve into the details of PQWL to help you understand how it functions and how it impacts your travel plans.

What is PQWL?

PQWL is a unique feature in the Indian Railways reservation system. It comes into play when passengers booking tickets from intermediate stations to a destination that is beyond an intermediary station. In such cases, there may be a separate quota defined for that intermediate station where PQWL is applicable. This means that passengers with PQWL tickets are in a separate waiting list pool than regular waiting list passengers.

How does PQWL work?

When you book a ticket from an intermediate station to a destination beyond the next intermediate station, you are placed under the PQWL quota. Your ticket will only get confirmed if adequate cancellations take place from the pooled quota defined for that specific station. If there are not enough cancellations, your ticket will not progress to a confirmed status.

Understanding Confirmation Chances

When it comes to PQWL, predicting confirmation chances can be tricky. Several factors come into play, such as the total number of PQWL tickets, the number of cancellations, and the overall demand for that particular route. Generally, if there are fewer PQWL tickets and a high number of cancellations, the chances of confirmation increase. However, if the route is popular and there are minimal cancellations, your chances of confirmation might be slim.

Strategies to Improve Confirmation Chances

While PQWL tickets have uncertain confirmation probabilities, there are some strategies you can employ to enhance your chances of getting a confirmed berth:

  • Opt for Popular Trains: Choose trains with a history of frequent cancellations, as this increases the chances of vacant seats from the PQWL quota.

  • Book Early: Booking your ticket well in advance can improve your chances, as the probability of cancellations tends to be higher closer to the travel date.

  • Alternative Routes: Look for alternative trains or routes that have a lower PQWL demand, increasing the likelihood of your ticket getting confirmed.


It’s essential to differentiate between PQWL and GNWL (General Waiting List) to understand their implications accurately. GNWL is for passengers booking tickets from the origin station to the destination station without any overlapping journeys. The confirmation chances for GNWL tend to be higher compared to PQWL, given that the entire quota is reserved for that specific journey without any pooling from intermediary stations.


1. What are the chances of a PQWL ticket getting confirmed?

The confirmation chances for PQWL tickets vary depending on the route, demand, and cancellations. It is advisable to monitor your ticket status regularly and have backup plans in place.

2. Can I upgrade my PQWL ticket to a confirmed status?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to upgrade a PQWL ticket to a confirmed status. It depends on cancellations and seat availability in the pooled quota for your particular route.

3. Is it better to book a GNWL or PQWL ticket?

If you have the option to book a GNWL ticket over a PQWL ticket, it is generally recommended to go for the GNWL ticket, as the confirmation chances are usually higher.

4. How does the waiting list priority work for PQWL tickets?

The waiting list priority for PQWL tickets is determined by the specific quota for that intermediate station. If there are cancellations, tickets are cleared in the order of the waiting list.

5. Can I track PQWL ticket status online?

Yes, you can track the status of your PQWL ticket online through the Indian Railways website or various mobile applications available for this purpose.

In conclusion, understanding PQWL and its implications is crucial for railway passengers to manage their travel plans effectively. While PQWL tickets may present uncertainty regarding confirmation, employing strategic booking methods can increase your chances of securing a confirmed seat. Stay informed, monitor your ticket status closely, and be prepared with backup options to ensure a smooth travel experience.


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