Enjoy High Quality Dental Care with Dentist Rouse Hill

Enjoy High Quality Dental Care with Dentist Rouse Hill

Whether you need a dental filling or an entire smile makeover, Dentist Rouse Hillis your one stop destination for all your dental needs. We believe that the conservative dental approach needs to be changed. That is why we have dedicated our time and energy to build a new and unique dental care clinic. 

We are not like other clinics since you will feel calm after you visit us. Patients forego of their fear of dentists due to our calming environment. The first thing that you will notice is our attention to detail. And the first person to welcome you is our dental therapy dog Gus. The puppy will come to give you a high-fives. Is there any better way to calm your dental anxiety?

Services of Dentist The Ponds

We are a QIP accredited practice that is committed to patient safety. Our team of experts are friendly and will make you feel welcome, and comfortable at our clinic. It is our aim to make you feel right at home from the moment you arrive at our clinic. Our environment is such that you will forget you are at the dental clinic and not at home!

But, we are professionals are ready to serve our patients through any dental problems. Some of our dental services are as follows. 

  1. General family dentistry
  2. Smile makeovers
  3. Clear aligners and braces
  4. Modern state of the art facilities
  5. Comprehensive check-up and clean up
  6. Teeth whitening
  7. Wisdom teeth removal
  8. Teeth grinding and TMJ treatment
  9. Children’s dentistry
  10. Emergency dental appointment

We have made it easy for patients, old and new alike, to book an appointment with Dentist The Pondsthrough a call or online. We look forward to meeting you at our clinic soon. 

Why choose Dentist Rouse Hill

Our clinic is unlike any other you have seen of since unlike other dental clinics, ours doesn’t feel like a clinic at all. We have gone to great measures to make sure that our clinic does not look like, smell like, feel like or sound like a typical dental clinic at all. This is because we know how serious dental phobia can be. People can enjoy, relax, and get a beautiful smile at our clinic. 

Our doctors are specialists who have dedicated their lives to serving patients from all over the country. Your oral health will invariably affect your overall wellbeing.This is why we want to help people to look after their and their family’s smiles. We believe one of the best ways to approach good dental health is through a good dental routine.Besides, you have to ensure that your teeth are properly cared for with regular cleanings and check-ups. Our dentists recommend everyone to visit us at least once in every six months. 

What to expect from Your First Visit

When you first arrive at our clinic, we will welcome you, and ask you to fill up the medical history form. If you have come with your children, you can sit back and relax while they play with the games and activities in the Kid’s room. If Gus, our therapy dog is in the office, your family will be welcome to give him a cuddle. It is a fantastic remedy to erase any lingering anxieties. You and your children will feel right at home immediately.

Our staff and doctors make sure to listen to your dental concerns carefully. We understand the importance of communication, and will listen to all your dental problems. After you have cleared all your doubts, the doctor will recommend the best possible treatment methods based on your condition. You are free to ask as many questions as you wish. 

During the appointment or the treatment, you are free to watch Netflix shows with our ceiling mounted screens and noise cancelling headphones. It is a great way to bypass your fear of dental treatments. At the end of the appointment, you can even use our private vanity and touch-up station before you go. 

Dental treatment at Dentist The Ponds is unlike any other you have visited before. So don’t wait any longer to get the teeth you desire due to dental anxieties. Call us now to begin your journey to better oral health. 



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