The Most Popular Skill-based Arcade Games

The Most Popular Skill-based Arcade Games

All games require skill—except some instant play games at online casinos like However, the best ones are arcade games, as most of them require an opponent. Therefore, you must beat any challenger in the arcade shop to prove your skill. Below are some of the most popular skill-based games in arcades. 

1. Street Fighter

Street Fighter is now celebrating its 35th anniversary. First released in 1987, no child who loves games have ever heard of it. Street Fighter is a fighting game that has several sequels. It was also the basis of live-action and animated movies. Street Fighter is one of the best fighting games that became the flagship of Capcom, the company that developed and published it. It is also one of the highest-grossing video game franchises of all time.  

The most memorable thing that happened in the Street Fighter series of games is the Daigo Parry. In it, Daigo, the player, already had too little health as he played the character Ken. All it took was to get hit only once, and he would have lost. 

However, he managed to counter or parry the attacks of his opponent, playing the character of Chun-Li. This parry was amazing because Chun-Li’s attack was super. To execute the parry, Daigo had to push the stick forward to the opponent at such precise timing. 

What this means is that Daigo had the skill to push the joystick forward every tenth of a second. He parried within 60 frames of impact animation, which was a tremendous skill that only robots could have possibly done. 

2. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is now on its 11th version or instalment. It has evolved over the years, giving players new characters. The creators also rebooted the storyline. Mortal Kombat, like Street Fighter, was used as a basis for several movies, the most recent of which was the Mortal Kombat movie in 2021.  

Mortal Kombat was the first game to introduce a secret fighter. A player could only unlock the secret character after fulfilling many requirements. The secret fighter in the game was Reptile, a Zaterran Saurian that is a reptile humanoid with ninja skills.

The Mortal Kombat franchise is popular because the characters have unique storylines. The main protagonist here is Liu Kang, who is supported by other beloved characters such as: 

  • Sonya Blade
  • Rayden
  • Johnny Cage 
  • Jax

As a fighting game, it is the primary competition of Street Fighter, but Mortal Kombat is now the supreme fighting game. The creators constantly innovate, making the players come back for more whenever a new instalment is available. 

3. Soul Calibur

Soul Calibur is now on its 7th installment. Although it is not as big of a name as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, it is still a popular skill-based game in the arcade world. 

The fighting game started in 1995, and later on, the developers ported the games to consoles. The game is a historical fantasy genre, and the time or era is the 16th and 17th centuries. The fighters here have huge swords and other weapons. 

The game introduced what is called the Guard Impact system, where a player can repel an incoming hit. This technique requires a check to push back the attacker. In return, the player who successfully does this gets a free hit. 

There is also a ring-out feature. In it, if a fighter is forcibly removed from the ring, he losses, and the opponent still in the ring gets a win in that round. 

One thing that makes Soul Calibur unique is the Soul Edge. It is a weapon meter. In most fighting games, only the character has a life bar. It means that the weapon can sustain damage. This meter is just below the player’s life bar. 

4. Tekken

Tekken means Iron Fist. It is a Japanese game that took the world by storm in 1994. By 2017, the game had spawned a total of nine entries and branched out to animations, films and print.  

Also, a skill-based fighting game, Tekken has so many lovable characters. These characters have unique fighting styles, some of whom have a supernatural background. The beauty of the game is that each character entered the tournament of his/her own will, as opposed to Mortal Kombat, where the characters had no choice but to fight. 

Tekken made it so big because the fighting mechanisms are closer to reality. In Street Fighter, there were characters who could throw fireballs or extend their limbs. In Mortal Kombat, there were lighting shots. 

Tekken uses a basic approach to fighting, which is mostly with kicks, jumps, and punches. Tekken’s storyline is also excellent. In Tekken, the story revolves around the Mishima family, which everyone can relate to. 

The father, Heihachi, is a tyrant who killed his son, Kazuya, believing that the boy was weak. However, Kazuya survived and vowed to kill his father. Before Kazuya can do this, he must enter the Iron Fist tournament or the Tekken. The story is easy to follow if one has taken the time to watch the in-game videos.


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